New Rochelle Apartments


Built in 1928, this 25,000-square-foot retail and office building is centrally located in New Rochelle, NY. It features 5 floors of commercial space with natural light throughout and excellent access to North Ave and I-95.



      Noted as one of New York's fastest-growing cities, New Rochelle is a modern blend of downtown historic storefronts, rising new developments, quaint suburban neighborhoods, and waterfront properties. Set conveniently on a Metro-North Express stop, this Westchester community offers a full array of shopping, restaurants, arts, entertainment, and recreational options. Access to the Long Island Sound offers a taste of the coastal life, with the ease of 30-minute access to Manhattan and the rest of Westchester.

      • Entertainment
      • Regal Imax Theater
      • Parks
      • Glen Island Park
      • Hudson Park
      • Shopping
      • Costco
      • Shop Rite
      • Transportation
      • Bee Line
      • Metro North Railroad

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