COI Information

In an effort to streamline the annual renewal process and to register new vendors we have created this site.

It is our policy to work only with companies who are properly insured. All contractors / vendors providing services must submit the following items:

  • Annually: A Certificate of Insurance (COI).
  • Annually: W-9 Taxpayer ID Form.
  • Annually: Workers Compensation Certificate
    • Sole Proprietors - will need to go on line to receive exemption certificate to be submitted in order to receive payment, start here:
  • Indemnity Agreement – There is a NEW form for 2023. You must complete and return the document with an original signature.

To access sample documents click on the Trade Description that best describes your business.

Please ask your broker to e-mail a complete copy of General Liability Policy to: [email protected]

The best way to manage your account is to sign up for Vendor Cafe.  You will never lose an invoice again! Upload invoices, track payment status, and COI forms in one screen.  To sign up e-mail: [email protected]


Trade Name Description
Administrative Includes office supplies and printing
Appliances Related parts, repairs, and new equipment INS is for Delivery or Repair Techs
Architect & Engineer
Bathtub Reglazing
Boiler Boiler Vendors (installation)
Cabinetry New installations and repairs
Carpentry and Framing Drywall Installation and carpentry
Cleaning Cleaning Contractors
Communications Radios, Cell service
Concrete & Site Work Concrete Sidewalks and Major sitework
Counter Top Counter tops - marble
Demolition Demolition and Waste Removal contractors
Doors - Locksmith & Garage Keys, cylinders, door replacement
Electrical Electrical contracting
Electrical Supply INS is for delivery
Environmental Abatement - lead paint and asbestos
Environmental Testing Testing Monitoring - lead paint and asbestos (No Abatement)
Equipment Rental
Floor Maintenance Installations and replacements
Garbage Bags INS is for delivery
General Contracting
Glazing Vendors and Contractors
HVAC Non boiler related HVAC work
IT Hardware vendors, service contracts
Legal Services
Life Safety Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm Panel Contracts, standpipe testing
Mover Moving Company Hired to move anything into a building
Other If your trade does not fit this list use this option
Painting and Ceramic Painting, Insulation installers, and or ceramic installation repair
Plumbing Plumbing work done by contractors
Plumbing Supply
Professional Fees Accounting, Surveys, etc
Refinisher Marble and Metal polishing
Roofing & Pointing Roof, Pointing and Masonry services, also Roof Tank
Security Security Related and Access Control, garage door service
Snow Removal
Steel Trade
Sundries COI for delivery on site only
Window Installer
Wood Floors Floor Scraping and wood floor installation and repairs