Our Simple Rental Process

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Goldfarb FAQs
  • How do I schedule a viewing?

    Goldfarb has convenient on-site leasing offices located in and around our rental properties. Simply contact the building you are interested in directly and schedule an appointment, or just stop by if you’re in the area. Our agents will be delighted to give you a tour of their building, as well as the common areas and apartments that are available. Our professionals will help you get to know the neighborhood and guide you through the application process.

  • How do I apply?

    Apply right here on this web site.  The entire process can be completed from the convenience of your home.  We require all applicants to have excellent credit and to meet our income guidelines. 

  • What are the income requirements?

    Applicants are required to have a combined income that is at least 43 times the amount of the monthly rent.  For example if the rent of the apartment is $2,000 a month, the applicant(s) must document no less than $86,000 in annual income ($2,000 X 43).  Additionally, we review an applicant’s capacity to pay the rent after meeting their current monthly debt obligations.

  • Can I use a Guarantor?

    A guarantor must meet our credit and income guidelines and have the capacity to meet their current monthly debt obligations, and have the capacity to pay the rent for the unit they attempting to guarantee.

  • What documentation do I need?

    Typically, applicants are required to supply: most recent W2 form, four most recent pay stubs, and/or any documentation verifying any other sources of income, color scans of Government issued ID (usually a driver’s license or passport) & Social Security card, and three most recent Bank or Credit Union statements.  On review of each application there may be a need for additional documentation.