Why You Should Be Moving To Rockaway ASAP

With spring and summer fastly approaching, you’re probably already gearing up to be hitting the beach every weekend. Commuting to the beach every Saturday and Sunday, however, can be a huge hassle. Why spend your free time in the car or on a bus or the train when you could make the beach your home base?


Rockaway is one of the most popular destinations when the weather heats up because of its close proximity to the city. It has so much more to offer than convenience though! Rockaway is quickly becoming a sought-after neighborhood in the five boroughs. Here’s why you should be moving to Rockaway as soon as you possibly can!

Chill Vibes Only

Ever dreamed of moving to Florida or Hawaii? Just heading somewhere coastal and breezy? You can actually do that and not have to leave your high powered city job! If you want to enjoy the slower pace of beachside living without sacrificing your career, move to Rockaway. Wake up every morning with the surfers heading to catch waves, skateboard to your local deli for a bagel sandwich, sip your coffee by the ocean and enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing on shore. By far the chillest neighborhood in all five boroughs, this is where the soul surfers set up camp. You may not be a surfer by hobby or trade, but if you’re looking for that relaxed mentality, you’ll find yourself at home in Rockaway.

The Great Outdoors

Proximity to the beach is probably the number one draw of Rockaway. If you are a tried and true beach bum, Rockaway is obviously a dream neighborhood for you. You don’t have to be a surfer or sunworshipper to appreciate all that the Rockaways have to offer. Outdoor space is pretty vast, especially considering that Rockaway is still in Queens. You can see the sky, and the air tastes so much cleaner. They have plenty of outdoor activities to boast besides the beach. You can play basketball, tennis, any sport of your choice outside in the fresh air. Head to Fort Tilden to explore the old U.S. army post that neighbors the Rockaways. Climb to the top of the observatory deck and enjoy stunning 360-degree views of Jamaica Bay and New York Harbor. It’s also a great spot for birdwatching. If you’re feeling free and adventurous, stretch out on the shore and join the topless sunbathers. Fort Tilden is beloved by hipsters, hippies, and nature lovers alike.

Suburbs In The City

You get the best of both worlds in Far Rockaway. You get suburban living and city culture. It’s a perfect blend. Enjoy the suburban-like spaced out living. Rather than being crammed on top of one another, you can actually get a detached house. The Rockaways are sprawling with single family homes boasting driveways, garages, and yards. It’s an oasis from the hubbub, but still only a subway ride away to a Broadway show or Knicks game at MSG. For an even faster commute into the city, you can take the Long Island Rail Road. Your social life doesn’t have to suffer either. Rockaway has great restaurants and nightlife. Hit up Caracas’ shore front outpost for delicious arepas. Grab some brews at Low Tide Bar and enjoy the ocean view. There’s so much to explore in the Rockaways.

Affordable Luxury Living

If you decide to make the Rockaways your home, you’ll be able to afford a higher quality of living. Luxury buildings are no longer out of price range. For the same amount you may spend to share an apartment with three other people in Manhattan, you can get your own one bedroom. You can enjoy amenities like a fitness center, laundry on site, a doorman, and extra storage space for a fraction of the cost it would be in the city. Plus, your square footage vastly increases. More space and great amenities for less money! How ideal does that sound? Goldfarb Properties has some units available to rent, so act fast before they’re gone. Summer is coming!