Simple Design Updates to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Just because you didn’t buy your apartment or house, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like home. Sure, you don’t have as much freedom when it comes to customization, but you aren’t totally restricted. There are plenty of simple design updates you can make to your rental to upgrade and transform the space. Here are some ones to consider.

Add Art

The easiest way to customize your rental and immediately make it feel like home is to add art! Use artwork to showcase your personal style and create a loved and lived in atmosphere. Try a gallery wall in the living room and mix and match family photographs with art prints. You don’t have to limit yourself to framed paintings, prints, or photographs, though. Use textiles to create an extra cozy vibe and add a layer of texture to your home. Drape a tapestry across a large empty wall or hang macrame weavings here and there. Art is unique and personal so take your time when building your collection.

Change The Hardware

Small changes can really make a big difference overall. If you want to upgrade your rental, swap out old fixtures for new ones that are more to your liking. Just make sure you save the old ones to put back before moving out. You can install new door handles and knobs, as well as redo all of the kitchen hardware like cabinet pulls and faucets. You can do this in the bathroom as well. Replace the shower head, faucets, and cabinet accessories. These little additions can really transform your rental into a home.

Invest In Furniture You Love

Don’t skimp when furnishing your rental. You don’t need to buy cheap furniture simply because it’s cheap and you’re living in a rental. Don’t force yourself to buy an Ikea dresser you don’t even like, because it will likely fall apart in a year or two anyway. Instead, invest in pieces you love and that you’ll have forever. Look for quality construction and timeless style. You don’t even have to shell out hundreds of dollars for good, sturdy furniture. Use Craigslist as a resource for secondhand and antique pieces. Hit up estate sales and flea markets– you can really find some treasures.

Paint the Walls

This is an obvious way to customize your rental, and it’s really effective at upgrading a space. A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference. Even if you stick with a basic white! If you choose a different color, just be sure to paint the walls back to their original color if your landlords or lease require that. Not all do. Choose a paint color that harmonizes with your furniture, art, and decor. It can help tie together your whole aesthetic. Use paint to reflect your personal style throughout your rental, and it will instantly make it feel like home.

Fill it with Plants

Breathe life into your rental with plants and greenery. Bring the outdoors inside to instantly brighten a home. Swing by your local nursery or hardware store and pick up a few potted plants to add to your home. Make sure you find out what kind of light they’ll need and how often you should water them. Some plants need more light than others, just like some need more water than others. You’ll want to place them in an area where they can really thrive.

Swap Out Light Fixtures

The lighting in a room influences the way you feel, so upgrade your light fixtures! Remove all of the existing, old fixtures and store them somewhere safe, as you’ll need to install them back before moving out. The right bulbs matter too. Different kinds give off different casts and intensities. You’ll need to decide what kind of lighting you want, whether it emulates daylight or sets more of a mood in the room. There are also more environmentally friendly options that can save you a lot of money on your electric bills, like LED lights.

Try Custom Shelving

Adding custom shelving to a room makes it feel expensive and tailor-made. It adds useful extra storage space to smaller apartments and looks good too. Display photos, plants, and books atop the shelves. They’re not just utilitarian– they’re a great source of decor! You can contract a carpenter or craftsman to build your own customized shelving unit, or simply install your own shelves. Different kinds of materials– wood, glass, metal– and styles of brackets tell a unique design story.

Hang Curtains

A window treatment can change the feel of an entire room. Bare windows can be so depressing, and cheap plastic blinds scream rental. Upgrade your windows with curtains, shades, quality blinds, or plantation shutters and see your rental transform into a real home. You can even double up. Try sheers behind thicker, patterned curtains, or a mix of shades and curtains. You can pull down the shade and then draw the curtains for maximum darkness while you sleep.

Pick a window treatment that reflects your personal sense of style, and you’ll immediately feel more at home.

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