Making the Move Uptown?: Why Harlem Is The Best

Are you in the market for a new apartment and considering new neighborhoods? Have you thought about Harlem yet? It’s a great neighborhood with a convenient location that has so much to offer. If you want to join a unique and culturally diverse community, make the move to Harlem. It’s home to amazing restaurants, music venues, historic landmarks, and green outdoor spaces. Here’s the lowdown on your new neighborhood and why you’ll want to call Harlem home.

Harlem has a great sense of community.

Harlem is home to a diverse and eclectic group of people. For such a large neighborhood, it has a fierce sense of community. Some residents’ families have lived in Harlem for generations, and they take pride in their neighborhood. They’ve weathered many changes through the years and won’t be leaving any time soon. Young professionals are beginning to make the move to Harlem, but they haven’t yet priced out the locals. So while gentrification is affecting the neighborhood, it isn’t totally changing the special and unique feel. Harlem’s strong sense of community, in fact, is what draws so many people and convinces them to make the move uptown. There’s a beautiful blend of old and new here, with ethnic markets and restaurants lining streets side by side with hipster boutiques and watering holes. It’s a comfortable and community-oriented neighborhood that is a wonderful place to call home.

It’s got a unique and rich culture.

There’s a residential spirit in Harlem, but it’s still bustling. It’s far more peaceful than living downtown or in Williamsburg, but still has a lot going on. In the past few years, Harlem has become famous for its dining options, and has quickly become the soul food capital of New York. Harlem continues its longstanding reputation as a musical hub; its legacy lives on. You can visit iconic jazz spots and connect with Harlem’s roots or check out the bevy of smaller neighborhood joints that feature local up-and-coming bands and artists. Harlem is also home to one of the most famous theaters in our nation, the Apollo Theater. So many famous and celebrated musicians and comedians have played that stage. Its energy reverberates throughout the entire neighborhood. As you wander around the neighborhood, you’ll come across churches, parks, plazas, and more. They all give Harlem a wonderful sense of culture that is anything but homogenous.

The restaurant scene is a foodie’s dream.

Many people head uptown simply for a good dinner. Harlem is quickly becoming a food mecca, with new and unique restaurants popping up daily. Some of the best restaurants in the city, in fact, call Harlem home. Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson even chose to open a restaurant Red Rooster here. His menu features a delicious blend of soul food classics with global flair. Be sure to try the Sticky Chicky, a platter of fried chicken, waffles, chicken liver butter, and bourbon maple syrup. Afterwards, head downstairs to Ginny’s Supper Club for cocktails and live jazz music. Be prepared to be transported to the Harlem of yore.


One of the city’s most beloved ramen joints is in Harlem too. Jin Ramen is right off the 1 train and serves up hot, fresh bowls of ramen noodles. It’s authentic, Tokyo-style ramen. The noodles are hand-cut and the broths are from homemade stock. If you love ramen, you have to check out Jin Ramen, and make sure you try the Tonkatsu ramen, which is thick, rich, and utterly delectable.

Harlem is more affordable than neighborhoods downtown or in Brooklyn.

Harlem has some truly splendid architecture. There are rows upon rows of historic brownstones nestled on tree-lined streets. In a neighborhood like Brooklyn Heights or the West Village, these buildings would be astronomically priced, but in Harlem, they are relatively affordable. New developments are also popping up around the neighborhood, for those looking for a more modern apartment. You can score a huge 1 bedroom apartment for $2,200, complete with an elevator and laundry. That same apartment would cost at least $1,000 more in other neighborhoods. Get a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment for $3,700. And yes, it has an elevator and laundry! You get all the luxury for a fraction of the price.

It’s got reliable transportation.

One of Harlem’s greatest selling points is its abundance of reliable transportation. Harlem has many subway lines running through its veins. The 2, 3, A, C, B, and D trains all have stops in the neighborhood. Harlem also has many convenient bus options. Plus, it’s easy to hop in a cab or the car and get anywhere you need to be. No need to cross any bridges or sit in any tunnel traffic. It’s only 20 minutes to Columbus Circle! For people who commute, Harlem is a great choice.