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How to Spend a Weekend in New Rochelle

Sure, the city may seem like the exciting place to be. But who wants to spend their precious time off driving or taking the train into the city? It’s crowded, dirty, and noisy. That’s the opposite of relaxing! And weekends should be spent leisurely. You want to feel rejuvenated come Monday.


That doesn’t mean you have to hibernate all weekend though! Exploring closer to home is a great way to pass the time. New Rochelle is a wonderful community with so much to offer. If you’re just renting an apartment in New Rochelle or have permanent roots in the city, you don’t need to go far to go out and have a good time. We put together a great guide for how to spend a weekend in New Rochelle.


Happy Hour at The Marina Grille

Unwind after a long week of work with some bevs and a gorgeous sunset. The Marina Grille boasts an outdoor deck overlooking the marina. Feel your week’s worth of troubles melt away as the sun fades over the water.

Dinner at Carta Brava

Head further into town for a delicious dinner of authentic Peruvian food. Carta Brava is a true New Rochelle gem, serving up fresh Peruvian dishes Tuesday through Sunday. Be sure to try the ceviche and lomo saltado, two of their most beloved offerings. Don’t put off coming here till later though– they close at 9:30pm on Fridays.


With a full, happy belly, it’s time to head home for some much needed shuteye. Crawl into bed and enjoy a luxurious night of sleep, free from the dreaded anticipation of the alarm clock in the morning.


Brunch at The Wooden Spoon

Head to popular brunch destination The Wooden Spoon when its doors open at noon. Load up on comfort food to keep you fueled for the day ahead. We recommend the Mac & Cheese bar. You can DIY and customize your own mac and cheese with different ingredients like chipotle peppers, truffle parm, or lobster.

Afternoon at Five Islands Park

Spend your Saturday in New Rochelle by enjoying the great outdoors. Explore Five Islands Park. It spans 15 acres and features two pedestrian bridges linking three of the islands. If you have kids, they’ll love the large playground and nature walks. Enjoy soaking up some sun? Five Islands also has a special sunbather’s beach. If you’re a fan of fishing, bring your pole! They have a dock for fishing on Big Harrison Island. Take your time wandering around the park and enjoying the views of the water. You can even pack a picnic! They have plenty of barbecue pits, picnic tables, and even an open air pavilion.

Dinner at Posto 22

Treat yourself to a date night at Italian restaurant Posto 22. A true New Rochelle favorite, they serve up traditional Italian cuisine. Order a bottle of red wine, and get ready to dig in. They have everything from gourmet pizzas to lobster ravioli to chicken florentine. Eat to your heart’s content. You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu.

Live Music at The Gnarly Vine Wine Bar

Walk over to The Gnarly Vine Wine Bar to listen to some great live music while sipping some delicious wines. The music starts at 8:00pm Saturday nights and ends at 11:00pm. Be sure to try at least one of their wine flights. With generous pours, you’ll get to really enjoy a fantastically curated selection of wines.


Brunch at Tlaquepaque Restaurant

Head to brunch at Mexican restaurant Tlaquepaque, where they serve up authentic and fresh dishes. Care to Sunday Funday? Get your morning buzz on with some five star margaritas. It’s a family owned spot with true homestyle cooking, so you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. We come for the food but stay for the warm and inviting atmosphere.

Rock Climb at The Rock Club

Don’t stay at home binging Netflix on your couch this Sunday. Instead, get moving and try rock climbing at The Rock Club in New Rochelle. This rock climbing gym is open to beginners and experts alike. If you’re new or not certified, you can rent a belayer for just $35, with each additional climber only costing an extra $16. They’ll make sure you stay safe and can even help guide you as you scale the walls.

Dinner at Pepe’s Place

Finish up your weekend with a finger-licking dinner of soul food. Pepe’s Place serves up the best buffalo shrimp! You will be in fried food heaven. Make sure to throw some sides on your plate! We recommend the Northern Soul Mustard Greens, Tahitian Vanilla Bean Yams, and Aged Reserved Cheddar Mac & Cheese. End your Sunday night in a lovely food coma. It was a good weekend here in New Rochelle.