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The Do’s and Don’ts of Updating an NYC Rental Apartment

Arguably, the best part about moving is the chance to start from scratch. From decorating your new digs to finding a new routine, beginning life again in a new city

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Hygge Your Home: Transform Your NYC Apartment With This Traditional Danish Philosophy

What Is Hygge? It’s a word with no literal English translation. Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) is equal parts a design trend and a lifestyle choice for those living in Denmark and

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5 Essential House Plants For Your NYC Apartment

It’s no secret urban dwellers are increasingly stuck in a world where fresh air is more of a myth than a norm, and the sun doesn’t quite make it into

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10 Creative Moving Hacks To Save You Money

Moving to Manhattan? Let’s be honest: moving can be a lot of things: stressful, time-consuming and, yes, well—expensive. As if packing up all your belongings and moving into an entirely