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The Best of Beach and City: Life on Rockaway Beach

Life on Rockaway Beach is a far cry from a traditional New York neighborhood, in both activity and demographics. Easily one of the most diverse communities in NYC due to


A Foodie’s Guide to the Rockaways: Top 10 Places to Eat

Just a train ride away from one of the most formidable foodie havens in the world is a beach town holding its own on the food front, even in the

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How to Spend a Weekend in New Rochelle

Sure, the city may seem like the exciting place to be. But who wants to spend their precious time off driving or taking the train into the city? It’s crowded,

Why You Should Be Moving To Rockaway ASAP

With spring and summer fastly approaching, you’re probably already gearing up to be hitting the beach every weekend. Commuting to the beach every Saturday and Sunday, however, can be a

Making the Move Uptown?: Why Harlem Is The Best

Are you in the market for a new apartment and considering new neighborhoods? Have you thought about Harlem yet? It’s a great neighborhood with a convenient location that has so