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10 Creative Moving Hacks To Save You Money

Moving to Manhattan?

Let’s be honest: moving can be a lot of things: stressful, time-consuming and, yes, well—expensive. As if packing up all your belongings and moving into an entirely new space isn’t enough of a shock, the impression it can leave on your wallet can be even more rattling. In the end, moving is unavoidable for most of us at various times in our lives, so finding creative ways to save money in the process is vital so as not to break the bank. Read on to learn about some valuable moving hacks and cost-cutting measures to save you from dipping into the red when you’re moving out and moving in.

Look For Free Moving Boxes

Statistically speaking, people moving from studio apartments will spend an average of $45 on moving boxes and the price only goes up for larger dwellings. ($61 to $85 for a one-bedroom apartment, et cetera.) Try going around and inquiring with grocery stores, liquor stores and even around your workplace for moving boxes that people are willing to part with. Most businesses wind up breaking them down and discarding or recycling, so putting them to good use is a top way to save you some cash.

Forgo Bubble Wrap and Packing Peanuts

But wait, aren’t both of these a necessity? Not when you’re looking to save several hundred dollars. In lieu of forking out dough for rolls and rolls of bubble wrap, which can cost you upwards of 15 bucks each, use newspapers and magazines instead to wrap your valuables so they’re protected in the moving process. This may mean you’re calling in favors from friends to save their leftover magazines and newspapers, too, but it’s worth the effort as it can save you tons in the end.

Try Moving During An Off Time

Most leases are up at the end of the month or the 1st, making moving companies in high demand during that time and also slightly more expensive. Additionally, moving in the summertime is more popular with end-of-semesters and breaks. If you’re able to, try to move in the winter, the middle of the week, or the middle of the month to get a reduced moving cost. This may not always be the case, but across the board, you’ll probably be able to get a better price if you move during a more unpopular time.

Confirm Costs with the Moving Company

In order to prevent last-minute hidden fees from upping your total moving bill, make it a point to call prior to the  big day to confirm all costs. This would include the number of flights of stairs, items transported, mileage, stops along the way and even possible sub-charges for fuel. There’s nothing worse than anticipating a particular amount and then feeling smacked in the face to see it increased. Calling and confirming will put a lot of that to rest and help rest your mind at ease the night before.

Donate Items You Don’t Need

More than likely, in the process of packing and throwing away old belongings, there will be a significant number of items you no longer need. Donate these items to charities or nonprofits for a tax write-off so come tax season you can save a few bucks. Alternatively, you could also have a yard sale or sell online to apply towards moving costs. There are a number of apps that help you sell used items that many people frequent to sell things quickly.

Round Up Friends

If you don’t have the budget to pay for a moving company at all, another option is to round up your cadre of friends to help you. Offering to pay for beer and pizza or takeout is far cheaper than hiring a moving company, so garnering some peers with big muscles will help you with those heavy boxes and furniture.

Pack Yourself

Hiring a third party to come in and pack and put away things in moving boxes for you is a pretty extraneous add-on to the moving process. Instead, begin packing a week or two before your actual move-out day and do all of it yourself. This piece of advice also has an additional benefit, as it helps you sort through all your belongings, aiding you deciding what’s best to keep and what you can part with.

Transport Some Items Sooner

By moving some of your belongings into your new place sooner, you can save on costs and fees from the moving company. This typically is only applicable when the move-in date is flexible, but if you’re able to begin the process before your actual moving day, it will save you time and money, chipping away at the cost from professional movers.

Children and Pets

If you have children or pets, you probably won’t want them in the hustle and bustle of the moving process. If you’re in need of child or pet care, ask around with friends who will volunteer to babysit your little ones so you don’t have to fork out additional funds. By having a babysitter or doggy day care, you can maneuver around the heavy lifting and focus on the task at hand.

Keep Records of Expenses

Depending on how you file for taxes at the end of the year, having receipts and records of all moving and home improvement costs can be valuable write-offs for you. Examples of costs might be realtor fees, painting, repairs—the list can go on and on. Even if you’re not sure it’s a write-off, keep it, anyway, as you’re better safe than sorry.

All in all, these creative ways will hopefully help you in decreasing the exorbitant cost of moving. Apply some or all of these tips and you’re sure to save a bundle that could come in handy for something more convenient for your new place like that 40-inch TV or new espresso machine. By optimizing our resources, we’re maximizing new domestic possibilities.